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Stuart Wyatt

Stuart Wyatt is a businessman with over forty years of
experience as a manager and leader. His first management role was at age twenty-six, when he became national sales and marketing manager for the outboard motor division of Volvo-Penta UK. He switched to the expanding information technology sector during 1979. He founded, expanded and sold his own company, Wyatt Computer Supplies. He was Managing Director of Multisoft Solutions, a systems house serving manufacturing and retail. In the late 80s, Stuart developed and published the
SERAfile® personal productivity system. For ten years, Wyatt
& Associates provided productivity training and leadership
mentoring for managers at all levels to client SMEs and large
enterprises including many household names.

In the 1990s Stuart returned to ‘doing’ rather than teaching. He has provided interim executive support to companies in the UK and US, including managing the launch of new ventures, marketing campaigns, interim general management and business strategy projects.

Stuart says that, “Managers and leaders at all levels are short
of reading time. Therefore, I aim to give them a concise and
interesting read. I focus on practical, real-world solutions that
leaders can start using immediately combined with a reference
guide to enhance their leadership for many years to come.”
Stuart is married and lives in the West of England.

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